Swatch Saturday: Openwork Leaf Pattern

Openwork Leaf 2

I will bookend my bloggiversary week by talking about one of my favorite patterns in the Walker treasuries: Openwork Leaf Pattern. As you can see, I love it so much I used it for my banner image above.

I’m a huge nature lover, and I really enjoy botanical motifs. This is my favorite of the lace patterns that are supposed to look like leaves or ferns, because I think it best approximates a real leaf. The double decreases mimic the vein at the center of a leaf, and the yarn overs that separate the leaves give the appearance of a serrated edge seen on many real leaves.  I can’t imagine a better way to render a leaf like this one in yarn.

This is the pattern that I used in Foliage, and it has had numerous other uses.  Brynne of All this by Hand has a lovely scarf pattern that uses it.  A slight variation is used in the famous Forest Canopy Shawl.  I know I’ve seen it as the turtleneck on a sweater, but I can’t for the life of me find that now. I have a bunch of ideas for it rattling around in my head, I hope to have some of them out for fall.


2 thoughts on “Swatch Saturday: Openwork Leaf Pattern

  1. It is a beautiful pattern. I have been looking for a leaf shawl to use with some laceweight in fall colors… maybe I’ll try the Forst Canopy Shawl and make it bigger (I have a lot of that laceweight!).

    What’s the green yarn you’re using in your picture?

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