Wa na na na na na na na BAT SHAWL!

(doesn’t my sister have pretty hair?)
My bat shawl pattern is available in the new AntiCraft.


I knit this last summer. It was one of the secret projects I worked on on my road trip. While I knit it over the summer, I didn’t finish writing the pattern until about a month ago, at that’s the pattern I was referring to in my post at the beginning of this year.


It all started with the swatch of the bat motif in the Walker Treasury Project. As you can see, the first comment was mine, and the idea came to me pretty much immediately.

This pattern probably won’t be as widely used as Foliage, but I am still psyched to get it published.  The Anticraft is obviously the only suitable home, and I’m really glad that they liked it!



18 thoughts on “Wa na na na na na na na BAT SHAWL!

  1. That’s awesome. 😀 I don’t normally look at the Anticraft, so I would have missed it if I hadn’t seen it here (well, I probably would have seen it on Rav, but still). I need to make that.

    And your sister has gorgeous hair, I’m jealous.

  2. A much belated congratulations!!! I remember this – it’s so good to see it “in print”. Absolutely, the Anticraft, a perfect home!

    Go Emilee!

  3. I love the shawl! I’m on the KAL on Ravelry, and we’re having a horrible time with the border. There’s errata there, and we need help. Please, help us figure it out!

  4. Hello again. I wrote to you re: bat shawl a couple of months ago. I love the pattern, but when I get to the border the stitch count (due to my ignorance) is irregular. I cannot work the border per the instructions. Is this my lack of ability or is there an errata for the pattern? I caught a couple of omissions on the charts A and B, so I don’t know if there is newer info on the border as well.

    I appreciate your help, and my daughter is THRILLED with the shawl.

    Thanks again,
    Leslie Smith

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