Regularly scheduled programming

Let’s get back in the swing of things with a WIP post, shall we?

Way back in July I started Shetland Triangle. It seems that most people follow the instructions and do eight repeats of the body chart. Since I’m using sock yarn my gauge is smaller, and I am currently on my 15th repeat of the body chart.

Aug-Sept 2008 352

So, basically, it is taking FOREVER. I knew that there were more stitches every row (obviously) but it really is dramatic how much longer each repeat of the body chart takes than the repeat before. So while I’m a little embarrassed that it is taking me so long to do Shetland Triangle, I hope you all understand.

I just recently started Exchequered in Filatura Di Crosa 501 that I got at WEBS a couple of years ago.  The colors are perfect for my sister Caroline (in fact, I used the lighter pink to make Elijah for her) so it will probably end up belonging to her.

Aug-Sept 2008 355

I’m not using the chart on knitty because I didn’t feel like printing it out, I’m just adding squares when I feel like it. As a result, the two ends of the scarf won’t match, but I think I’ll like it better that way. I chose the pattern because I had never done double-knitting before, and I had to start it three times before I could get my gauge to be reasonably even. At the beginning I totally hated the double-knitting process, but now I am getting the hang of it. I really like the way it’s turining out!

7 thoughts on “Regularly scheduled programming

  1. I accidentally “discovered” double-knitting while playing around with stitches for the bottom of a string bag over the summer – I was surprised and delighted at the result, and since I stumbled upon it by accident, the learning curve was fairly short. I haven’t yet tried to double-knit on purpose yet, but it’s on my list…

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