I had my last exam on Thursday night, so (assuming I passed them all) I’m halfway through law school.  Craziness.

It started snowing early yesterday afternoon, and there is nothing more delightful after exams than being snowed in with nothing to do.  It’s also very pretty.


I’ve been knitting, of course. My friends had a baby in July, so I started a Vestee to give him for Christmas.  I bought the yarn the week he was born, but I had a hard time deciding what to make with it.  Now that it’s winter, a sweater would be appropriate.  He’s a big baby, so I’m just making the 1-year size with the knowledge that he’ll fit into it soon enough.


A couple of weeks ago, some exam-induced fever dream made me think that it would be a good idea to start Cathode.

nov-dec2008 004

I knit the ribbed collar part at the top of the photo at least two years ago, probably three. I bought the yarn (Artful Yarns Circus) at Woolcott & Co. the first year we lived in Cambridge. It was way way way on sale, and my very favorite colors, so I figured I’d find a good use for it. I started Cathode at some point, and in a conversation with my husband the words “muppet pelt” came up, so I decided to figure out something else. It sat idle for years, but as I said, I decided to start it again. I’m not sure how long I would want that collar part to be, so this time I started with a provisional cast-on so I can add the collar later.

nov-dec2008 035

I tried it on, and it isn’t terrible, so I might actually finish it this time. Once I’m done with my holiday knitting I’ll find a way to pull it off with flair.


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