Back from Illinois

I had a very nice trip to visit my grandmother in Illinois. When I was there, I spotted the full-grown Hemlock Ring blanket in its natural habitat.

dec 08 001

This prompted me to ask Grandma to do the obligatory hand-off photo with me, since I was not there to actually hand it off in April.

dec 08 009

Grandma made me a beautiful basket for Christmas. The vertical pieces are a really neat blend of green, pink, purple and blue.

dec 08 017

It has one handle and a hole in the bottom. Any guesses as to what it’s for?

dec 08 018

I couldn’t guess right either. It’s for hanging next to where you knit, and putting a ball of yarn inside so it doesn’t roll around and get tangled. Isn’t that neat? I’m not sure where I want to put it yet, but I’ll probably put it near the TV since the other basket she gave me is in my other knitting location.

dec 08 015

It was a very nice visit, and between the travel and the relaxing at Grandma’s house I was able to do six inches of the bottom ribbing for my own Pinstripe Pullover. I am snowed in today, which is perfect for finishing a couple more things in 2008 and working on that year-in-review post.

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