Week 1 – Mosaic Sampler 1

Mosaic Sampler 1

Welcome to Swatch Saturday!  This is Mosaic Sampler 1 from Barbara Walker’s A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns  (showing three repeats across and two down, separated by the green band). In keeping with my theme of “try something new” I tried mosaic knitting for the first time.  I’m not sure what took me so long, as it is a simple enough concept.  Indeed, as you can see here, the pinstripes on the DPP are formed with slipped stitches.

I think a pattern like this would be appropriate as a subtle accent to a hem, cuff, or edge of a cardigan.  I’m not sure I would ever use this particular pattern for anything, as I find the motifs to be somewhat swastika-like in shape (my husband doesn’t see it and thinks I’m being too sensitive).  I guess it’s not so bad, and some mosaic patterns are much worse in that respect (I’m talking to you, number 43!).

What would you use this pattern for?


4 thoughts on “Week 1 – Mosaic Sampler 1

  1. Looking forward to more Swatch Saturdays! I’m sure this will be fun!

    And about the swatch you just amde. I see the same things as you do… And did before reading your text.

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