Pattern: Vestee by Marjorie Brigham
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Bunny Hop Print in “Blue Jeans” (3 skeins)
Made for: Baby Nate
Worked on: December 13, 2008-December 24, 2008

Vestee back

I finished it before Christmas, but between all the snow we’ve had and leaving town for a few days, I didn’t have a chance to deliver it until last night. Baby Nate is not a year old yet, but he’s pretty big so I knit the 12-month size. It fits him perfectly! I’m very pleased with the fit, since I don’t have much experience at all with babies and I was flying blind, having not seen him for a couple of months.

Vestee texture

I think the yarn works well with the pattern. The texture still shows up, and the mottled look will hide stains better than a solid color would have.

Vestee shoulder

There was a tiny bit of pooling, but nothing major. I’m very happy with how it turned out.


11 thoughts on “Vestee

  1. Vestee looks fabulous! Can’t even see the pooling you’re talking about. And a perfect fit on a baby… that’s actually pretty hard to do, so great work.

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