Say hello to my leetle friend

(I actually hate the movie Scarface)


My husband got me (or rather, let me get) a new camera for my birthday and I am super excited about it.


I have a lot to learn, but I am very excited about this camera so far. Hopefully you’ll see an improvement in the photography around here, but that might come at the cost of relatively less knitting. I am looking forward to this process though.

One of the really cool things about having a new camera is that it occurs to me to take photos of things that I find interesting. Here is a picture of the snow that fell the other night.

urban wonderland 026

We live in the city, so all the streetlights really do make the snow that color. I love the sparkle, and I love the shadows cast by the fence.

One thing I am really excited about is playing around with those artsy, only-a-little-bit-actually-in-focus so popular on the knitting blogs.

Here are three knobs:

knob deepDOF

And here is one perfectly sharp knob with two blurry knobs:

knob shallowDOF

I feel fancier already.


10 thoughts on “Say hello to my leetle friend

  1. I so want one. You wouldn’t know it from my blog but I was a photography major in college. Can’t wait to get back to it one day. You definitely took some beautiful shots!

  2. I got a Canon DSLR a few months ago and one of my goals for ’09 is to learn all the things I can do with it. And I don’t like that movie either, despite using it as a title for one of my posts too (on the Fibertrends lamb toy.)

  3. Love that shot!! How did you do the blurry version? Still getting to know my camera. And also love your knits especially the exchequered.

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