Finish (or frog) – Everlasting Bagstopper


Why has it taken me over a year to unite this perfect ribbon to this awesomely colorful string bag?


I don’t know. Because I’m super lame? That must be it. Good thing we have the Finish or Frog Knitalong to kick our butts into action.

I finished the knitting on Everlasting Bagstopper several months ago.


I’m embarassed to tell you how long ago I started it, and how long ago I vowed to finish it. Sewing ribbon to knitting, while making sure that it can support like 10 lbs of stuff in the bag, is a pretty daunting challenge. But it fits with my “try something new” theme. And I fricken need to finish this thing.

In other FoF news, I’m very close to the finish line on Exchequered.


With any luck, I should be able to present both of these items to my sister the next time I see her!


11 thoughts on “Finish (or frog) – Everlasting Bagstopper

  1. That pink & orange is SO awesome – way bright & cheery! And your exchequered is a really great piece of knitting – must try double knitting at some point here, it looks like so much fun (and this pattern looks like so much fun!)

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