January 2009 – In case you missed it

Is it just me, or has it been sort of quiet in knitblog land over the last few months? Maybe I just feel that way since so many of my favorites had babies or switched jobs and put down the needles. Rather than rehash the old “Ravelry killed the knitblog star” conversation I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite posts from the month of January. Here they are, in no particular order:

Prettiest braids of roving

Prettiest shawl

Most thorough FO post

Best use of handspun

Cutest toy

Most inspiring home improvement post

Best pairing of socks and shoes

Snazziest hat and coat combo

What cool stuff did I miss?


13 thoughts on “January 2009 – In case you missed it

  1. thanks for all the new links. just what i need–more blogs to read. 🙂

    i always enjoy link posts but i’m entirely too lazy to do them myself.

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  3. I agree that it’s been quiet in blogland (including mine!). I can tell, because I’ve had no time to read blogs, and yet I am not very far behind in my Google Reader. Maybe everyone is just busy? This year is moving awfully fast…

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