Week 6 – Drop-stitch Honeycomb

This week’s swatch is Drop-stitch Honeycomb from the Second Treasury.

drop-stitch honeycomb RS

I like the right side fine, I guess. The wrong side is really cool though, so much so that I hesitate to call it the wrong side.

drop-stitch honeycomb WS

It has a really cool bumpy, quilted-looking texture. I think it would be really neat in a tailored jacket, or as a more subtle texture in a garment like Surface.

The pattern is easy to work, too. Five rows out of six are plain stockinette, and the texture is created by dropping stitches and picking up the threads every sixth row. The dropping maneuver is a little fiddly at first, but it’s fine once you get used to it.


10 thoughts on “Week 6 – Drop-stitch Honeycomb

  1. What a cool pattern! I’m enjoying your swatches; I’ve never seen most of these before.

    Thanks for your previous post and the “best of” list. It *has* been quiet in blogland lately.

  2. Could you please make a video of how to do the row 6 especially the drop stitch and purpling of the picking and purling of the stitch and the 5 strands. I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks

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