Pattern: Fish Hat (Dead or Alive?)
Yarn: Noro Kureyon #150, Cascade 220 in Navy for fins and lips (buttons for eyes)
For: Elizabeth

My best friend from college, Elizabeth, is already in posession of a squid hat made by another knitting friend of hers.  So when I saw the Fish Hat pattern I immediately thought of her and knew I just had to make her one.  (I went to visit her and present the hat this weekend, but sadly forgot my camera, which is why you see it modeled by little old me).

fish side

fish top

I haven’t seen any other fish hats in Noro Kureyon, which frankly shocks me, since I found the yarn to be so perfect for it.

When Elizabeth put the hat on, she remarked that the fins made it look like a Roman helmet. I didn’t really see it, but when I saw the (fairly ugly) photo below I thought it looked familiar.

roman helmetstud_of_warrior

You be the judge.


10 thoughts on “Fishy!

  1. Hi, I came to your blog through the link at PDXKnitterati. I love the fish hat!! I’ve been wanting to make one for a long time now but haven’t gotten to it yet. What a great idea to use Noro! I haven’t seen a Kureyon fish hat before, and it looks perfect for a fish.

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