Brought to you by the color green

Inspired by my success after finally deciding to tackle exchequered, I’ve decided to celebrate Finish or Frog Friday once again.  


I know I’m double-dipping here, but I will note that these projects fit with Project Spectrum too!


The first is Wicked.

Wicked 3.21.07

This picture was taken almost two years ago, right around the time I abandoned the project. Why did I abandon it? Well, for one thing I thought it was unflattering. The good news is that I’ve lost weight, so it should look better now. I also wasn’t thrilled with the pattern, which I guess I’ll save for another post.

The second sweater is Serrano, which I declared to be in the “home stretch” 18 months ago.

When I got to where I am with Serrano I was at the peak of my weight, 22 pounds heavier than today. I hated the way it looked on me, and I think now I just hated the way I looked in general. In these recent photos, it looks fine as long as I keep my arms down. 

serrano frontserrano back

The problem arises when I lift my arms.

serrano bad

The upper arms and armpits are all wrong, so it binds if I move my arms. So, I need to fix that and decide on what I want to do for a closure. I did hooks and eyes as the pattern suggests, but I find that they get snagged in the lace.

I know it’s “finish or frog” Friday, but I never really entertained the thought of frogging them. I’m too close to the finish line!

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