Week 11 – Rapunzel’s Braid


I was getting completely sick of those yarn-over panels, so I decided to switch it up with Rapunzel’s Braid.  I’d only done twisted stitches once before, as an accent in some socks for my mom.  I liked doing twisted stitches.  It was easy, I should do a twist-stitch project one of these days.  Any recommendations?

I usually like to do the WTP swatches EXACTLY as described, but I did this one a little differently because I can’t help myself.  As BW describes them, right twists leave stitches oriented normally, while left twists are done by knitting through the back loop.  They didn’t look symmetrical enough for me, so before the left twists I reoriented the stitches as if I was doing an SSK.  I think it looks better that way.


5 thoughts on “Week 11 – Rapunzel’s Braid

  1. The cablenet socks from knitty have been on my “must knit” list since I first saw them. They’re chock full of twisted stitches and mini-cables.

    I really dig that stitch pattern, and your stitches are so nice and even!

  2. i’m pretty into cookie a.’s twisted flower socks! but then i’ve had them in hibernation for the past year or so, haha.

    they’re a really fun pattern, though!

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