I finished a scarf.

crochet 007

It looks kind of funny though.

crochet 006

Homigosh, it’s crochet!

crochet 033

So yeah, I learned how to crochet. I took crochet classes at Sit ‘n Knit from the wonderful Jodi.  I’d been meaning to learn for awhile, as part of my larger quest to try something new.  This orange scarf by Nicole was one of the projects that inspired me most. 

I had nominally learned to crochet once before, when I was on my study abroad trip to Australia.  I couldn’t get it for some reason, the loops always slipped off the hook. 

Now that I have Susan Bates hooks that I’m really happy with, I can see the problem.

crochet 019

The old one is on the left, the new one is on the right. See how much sharper the hook is on the blue one? I think it works a lot better that way, at least for a newbie like me. I’m also partial to metal needles, so it doesn’t surprise me that I’d prefer metal hooks.

While I can’t imagine that crochet will become my primary craft, there are just some things you can only do with crochet. In order to give myself an excuse to practice some more, I’m doing the Crocheted Potholder Swap.  It should be fun!


14 thoughts on “Cro-what?

  1. Cool, nice scarf. I love crochet, I go through phases where I want to knit more, and phases where I want to crochet.

  2. Wow that looks fantastic! Look at how even your tension is! Are you sure you are a beginner? You are a natural!

  3. I just took a crochet class this past week! Thinking it’d be good to know how to crochet cute edges on my knitted projects. But doing the real crochet I realized it was quite fun, so it might be a proper crochet project some time as well. 🙂

    Like your scarf!

  4. Isn’t Jodi great? Such a nice lady. It was great to finally meet you the other night! Next time I’ll try to grab a seat near you so we can chat more!

  5. Welcome to the world of the hook! You are absolutely right (at least according to me) about the pointy hook being better. Also, it’s a cool metal blue colour. So even if it wasn’t better I’d choose it.

    Nice scarf!

  6. Your second photo is so funny! Your scarf came out nice–crochet is a good skill to have. I made a crochet sweater (Melissa Leapman’s Stacy) once but it was too heavy for me so I had to give it to my sister who is much more tolerant of clothing that I am.

  7. Your scarf is very nice. Crochet can be fun, especially if you have the right tools. I also like the Susan Bates hooks better than any other.

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  10. This blog has so inspired me. i have a pile of knitted squares in dishcloth cotton that I am about to dye. I now have a hundred ideas that have been generated from this blog. Thank you, Jenny

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