WIP Wednesday – Sweater Edition

First of all, I’m delighted to report that I’m very close to finishing Wicked.

Wicked End

I’ve re-blocked Serrano, and the shoulders are working out much better. Now the only question is what I ought to do for a closure, which is a topic complicated enough to deserve its own post.

Cathode is also coming along nicely.

cathode 3/25

I’m about 2/3 of the way done with the bottom ribbing, so I can probably finish in a few weeks. I’m trying to finish Cathode before Serrano, because Serrano is lacy and light enough to wear well into spring. I know the bottom part looks preposterously small, but it’s very stretchy. I also think that negative ease is important with something like this, since it has the potential to really swallow me up if it’s too big. I had considered lengthening the sleeves, but I think I’ll stick with the short sleeves. I had also considered doing a smaller collar (which is why I did a provisional cast on at the neck) but I might as well do the big goofy one. It’s never going to be a “normal” sweater, I might as well follow the spirit of the pattern and make it totally nutso!

And now for the bad news. DPP had been relegated to a space bag to wait out the summer.

DPP hibernating
(There it is, hanging out with Tailored Scallops)

This project had really become a slog, which is heartbreaking considering that it’s my own pattern.  But it was a slog the first time too, and as I’ve discussed, it put me off knitting for a few months.  This project embodies knitting angst for some reason.  Part of it is just the way things have worked out – as of this writing, Foliage is still on the Ravelry Top 20.  I’m a little bummed that after my initial success DPP has been, shall we say, noticeably less popular.  But again, as we’ve discussed, knitting is my HOBBY.  The fact that DPP has become a slog, for any reason, justifies a time-out.

DPP 3/25

But the good news is, I’m almost done with the body and I like how it’s turning out. Some time this fall I’ll pick it up with renewed energy, and it will be finished in no time.


13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Sweater Edition

  1. A knitting buddy of mine used a clip-on earring as a closure on her Feb Lady Sweater. It was really cute and simple. The next time I go antique-ing I will be on the look out for some cute clip-ons.

  2. “I’m a little bummed that after my initial success DPP has been, shall we say, noticeably less popular.”

    Don’t worry – this is totally normal! Foliage ticks all of the boxes for a popular pattern – small, stash busting, good gift, free, quick. Sweater patterns are rarely as popular as those fun little projects so comparing the two is never a good idea. No matter how wonderful the pattern, and dpp is lovely, there are going to be fewer people who love it enough to take on the investment of making it.

  3. I think Ysolda makes a good point when she says not to compare Foliage and DPP, as they are two completely different designs.

    I think DPP is beautiful!!!

  4. I also think DPP is beautiful, esp that pretty pink one up there. And Foliage is great too! I made one for my best friend. But will I make DPP for my friend? No, I’ll make it for ME!

  5. Some knitting just needs to go into a time out. At some point in the future the mood will hit, and you’ll finish it off with renewed verve. In the meantime, knit what’s fun; a hobby should be fun, right?!

  6. Oh I still really like DPP! And I think Ysolda is absolutely right – Foliage is quick and easy, while DPP is a much more involved project, so it’s almost destined to be more popular.

    And for what it’s worth, I totally spotted a Foliage in the elevator of my office building yesterday! If the elevator wasn’t super crowded I would have said something 🙂

  7. i really like your pink DPP. i am impressed that you’d want to knit the same thing twice, even if it is your own pattern.

    i’ve frequently made more than one sample of my designs before and it almost killed me. i personally think doing something that you’ve already done will always be a slog, no matter how much you like it.

  8. Ysolda really hit the nail on the head. It’s impressive the difference in popularity between a popular free pattern — like the FLS, at 4897 projects right now on Ravelry — and a popular magazine pattern – like the Whisper cardigan, which despite being on top in Ravelry new patterns right now, only has 275 projects. (Yes, yes, FLS has been available a lot longer…but you get my point).

    Plus I am definitely going to make DPP…but probably not til the fall, since there will be no wearing of long sleeves in St Louis in the summer. And I just can’t start knitting something that I will have to wait months to wear!

  9. DPP is a beautiful design (I keep looking at the kit at Kpixie – which I was so thrilled to see – “Hey, that’s Emilee’s!”) And would be on my needles already but for the other projects already on the needles or waiting in line. I think in general some of the more challenging patterns don’t see the same number of projects just because they do require more time & effort & therefore commitment (but make for very satisfactory knits once they’re done). I love the details & think you should be very proud of it! Float was a slog too, though certainly simpler! 😉 As much as I want my own, I can’t stomach it yet!!

  10. i agree w/ ysolda and everyone else. they are two very different designs. and hats, as we all know are much faster to knit, so the number of active projects jumps pretty quickly.

    dpp is a beautiful pattern. it screams both modern and classic at the same time, which i love. i wish i had thought of it myself. 😉

  11. I just want to say that I LOVE DPP. Unfortunately I’m not the biggest sweater knitter — I knit about one a year, much to my chagrin. :/ But I definitely am inspired by it and love looking at it. Maybe someday, when I’m a bigger sweater knitter…

  12. I’m still looking forward to knitting the DPP some time but I’m on a bit of a yarn diet and don’t have anything in the stash for it. Someday! Oh, and the Wicked looks great!

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