Week 13 – Cornflower Pattern

This week’s swatch is Cornflower Pattern, which is a very close cousin to Bud Stitch.


Here is a detail shot.


I like this pattern a lot better than Bud Stitch. I think it would look great on baby things, or as an overall texture on a sweet little cardigan like Cherry.

9 thoughts on “Week 13 – Cornflower Pattern

  1. This is so pretty. I tried so many times to do the Cherry motif and failed miserably but something like this would indeed be a really pretty replacement

  2. Very pretty. Funny thing though, my mind was playing tricks on me…. because it says Cornflower (and crayola taught me that meant a bluish color) and the swatch is a tan. Kind of like those Mind Challenges where they type all the names of the colors… but use different colored fonts for each color (e.g. RED is typed in green font). You get tested to determine if you’re reading the text or looking at the color of the text. Very confusing. (Have you seen these before?) Anyway, you’ve someone turned the mind challenge into a knitting swatch.

  3. Those are very pretty! Except they don’t remind me of cornflowers, they remind me of blowing on dandelions and watching the little tufts float away.

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