The Stash

Are we not doing Flash Your Stash this year?  I’ve hardly seen any mention of it.  Oh well, my stash looks just about the way it did last year (except that some of the pink and magenta in the first photo is now Exchequered, the spruce colored CTH in the bottom photo is now Shetland Triangle, and the whole lot of it is being stored in space bags to protect it from moths).

Anyway, instead of the full stash-flashing I’ll present you with a preview of what I’m thinking of knitting this spring and summer.

tosh sock

This loveliness is Tosh Sock in Clematis, a lovely blend of black and purple.  It needs to be something that would really let the color shine.  Maybe Ishbel.


Here we have Debbie Bliss Cathay. I have enough for a short-sleeved cardi, I think. Maybe Decimal without such wide sleeves.

wool bamboo

I’ve had this Wool Bam Boo for awhile, but it’s sort of an awkward amount that I don’t think would quite work for a top. I’ve been wanting to make Tuscany for awhile, and it’s the right amount of yarn.


This Sierra was a relatively recent acquisition. It’s a lovely color, and I have a full bag, so it will be a sweater of some kind. I haven’t decided which one yet though.

I also have some Cotton Fine en route from Little Knits which I’m going to use to finally make Orangina.  Something possessed me to cast on for Ester last night, but it doesn’t look like much yet. 

All this finishing has driven me mad.  I want to start a million things right now!


8 thoughts on “The Stash

  1. You know, I forgot all about Flash your Stash! And you’re right, I hadn’t heard much mention.

    That Tosh Sock is lovely. Funny, I just started an Ishbel, and I’ve heard of a couple of other people starting to work on it as well. Weird we’re all thinking the same thing, eh?

  2. Nice projects… some new ones to add to my queue! Love the purple yarn at the top and think Ishbel will show it off beautifully.

  3. I, also, am planning on knitting Ishbel and Decimal. Tuscany is beautiful. Great choices! Oh- and I love your finished Wicked!! It’s a really beautiful color.

  4. I think people are afraid of their stashes now. I know I think mine’s going to shrink, then I’ll be able to flash it next year… and then, it expands.

  5. I think ravelry has killed flash your stash. Now everyone all ready has their stash photographed and documented.

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