Blue Streak

Exams are approaching fast, so I’ve felt very scattered and unsettled lately.  I’m very close to finishing both Serrano and Cathode, and despite my best efforts to finish projects I found the lure of new projects to be irresistible.  I couldn’t help but notice that they share a common color scheme with Cathode. 


While my love of the color green is well-documented in these pages, blue is my real favorite and I really appreciate a good purple.  I’m not sure I’ll wear Cathode much (more on that in the upcoming FO post) but the colors have worked their way into my brain, and I just want to look at blue and purple all day.


That and my anniversary is coming up, so maybe I’m just especially drawn to blue because of the time of year.


I started Ishbel in that wonderful tosh sock I mentioned the other day.  This is perfect project for soothing myself with mindless knitting.  I’ll run out of the stockinette portion soon enough though.

Wisteria neck

I also started Wisteria in Cascade Sierra. I wasn’t sure what I would do with this yarn, but it’s such a nice Wisteria-like color! I’m also pleased with the definition of the cables so far. This is the perfect project for when I want to focus on something other than law. Soon enough I’ll be done with the cabled yoke, and it will be zombie knitting, so it can take Ishbel’s place in that regard once I get to the lace portion of Ishbel.

I also have some dark blue cotton fine for Orangina, but I haven’t cast on for that yet. I probably won’t be able to help myself though.

The blog may be be rather quiet for the next month or so, but I have the feeling I’ll have plenty to show for it on the other side of all this.


10 thoughts on “Blue Streak

  1. I’m loving purples and blues lately too. I had prev. tried Orangina with Brown Sheep Cotton Fine and although I got stitch gauge, row gauge was super short so I ended up getting impatient and ripping. I just got my order of RYC Cashcotton 4 ply in “jet” (aqua) so I’ll be starting my Orangina (Aquagina) soon too!

  2. Happy upcoming anniversary (and good luck with exams!)

    Purple and blues are awesome, and you have some great projects going there (the wisteria is just blooming here, and that color is perfect!)

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