Have you ever seen a pattern and said “what a preposterous garment.  I would never wear it in public, non-knitters wouldn’t get it” . . . and knit it anyway?


Meet Cathode. It’s completely preposterous and non-knitters don’t get it. Heck, even knitters don’t get it. Just ask the new SnB I’ve been going to (God bless them for humoring me so 😉 ).


I don’t hate it. I actually kind of like it. The superdeep ribbing with extreme negative ease makes it about as flattering as any sweater with bulky boucle could be.


Look at that negative ease! It doesn’t even look like a sweater when not being worn, it looks more like a washed-up sea creature.


The thing that makes it cross the line from simply odd to utterly bizarre is that collar. It looks particularly weird from the back.


The real reason I knit this, I guess, is that Artful Yarns Circus was on sale at Woolcott about three years ago when I was living in Cambridge. I completely fell in love with the colors, and Cathode was the most obvious use for it. I found this yarn to be a real bear to work with – it was so fluffy that it was much easier to pierce the stitch than to knit it properly.  The finished product is very warm though, even with the short sleeves.


Oh, who am I kidding? It doesn’t make any sense (at all!) but I like it anyway.


18 thoughts on “Cathode

  1. It’s too funny. It makes me think at the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” I don’t know if you read the book, but at one point she bought a sweater with two collars…
    Too funny!!

  2. I like Cathode. On you. I’d never wear it. I think I would feel like a clown even if I didn’t look like one. Know what I mean?

    I do like it on you though.

  3. Too funny! I like that you’re embracing its oddness! I actually kind of like it…but I’m partial to things that non-knitters don’t get!

  4. What a great post (& pics!) You’re rocking that collar 😉 The yarn and the color are great.

    P.S. Saw you & Foliage mentioned in Knitter’s Review this a.m. YAY!!!

  5. Cute sweater! I can see where non-knitters wouldn’t get the collar/design, but the collar reminds me of a superhero cape, in a totally understated way.

    Also, that color is fabulous on you!

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