Tales from the Crypt

Thank you for all your warm wishes on Fiona!  She is a very cute kitty and we love her very much.

Today when I was doing laundry (laundry is in the basement, which we have to go outside to access) Fiona escaped and returned to her natural habitat (she’s finally back inside now).


I tried to catch her but it just made her run away, so I decided to wait until she felt like being a cooperative kitty. I wanted to stay outside to keep an eye on her, so I took the opportunity to go through the yarn “crypt” – a box of yarn in the basement holding UFOs and random scraps.


I think that’s the yarn-y equivalent of a bloodcurdling scream, no?

Once I fought past the tangles a bit, the box was an interesting tour down pre-blog knitting memory lane.


Here is a scrap of the Wedding Afghan I started for my friends Kate and Evan, who got married in July 2005.  I ended up making them a  feather-and-fan afghan out of this yarn here.


It’s Valley Yarns Charisma, which has been discontinued. Evan is from New Zealand (and so is the wool) and Kate likes bright colors, so it seemed perfect. I still kick myself that I never took a picture of the finished item.

On the trip to Chicago when my grandfather passed away in December 2006, I got it into my head to make a top-down leaf patterned lace sweater. It didn’t turn out, but the idea later mutated into Foliage.


I frogged it, and the yarn became Wicked.

This hot mess is my second attempt at Unbiased, from circa fall 2004. 


The first attemt was according to the pattern, but the notch in the top allowed too much to spill out the sides, so I decided to modify it, but that didn’t work out either. I ended up frogging some of it VERY slowly and starting over on a purse of my own improvisation.


I kind of like it, I may finish it now that I remember it exists.

So, have you come across any interesting reminders of your knitting past lately?


6 thoughts on “Tales from the Crypt

  1. What interesting things you have in your ‘crypt’! I dont think I have many UFOs but plenty of blood curdling scream yarn bundles. Hope Fiona continues to settle in xx

  2. So fun to see the ghosts of projects past. I have a feeling I’ll be forced down memory lane when moving this summer. Hope Fiona continues to adjust!

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