Crochet Fever

Between getting the new kitty and starting my summer job downtown, I sort of forgot about blogland for awhile there.  So, hi!  I hope everyone has been doing well. 

I’ve barely knit at all since I finished the yellow ishbel.  I’ve been crocheting up a storm though.


These are the potholders I made for the crochet potholder swap (I think I can even catch a glimpse of them in the center of the right edge of the first photo here).  It was a lot of fun doing them, and I definitely think that there are more crocheted potholders in my future.

I don’t like knitting with 100% cotton yarn, but I thought crocheting with it was just fine.  So then I thought of the stash of Berocco Comfort I have.  I got it to make an afghan awhile ago, but I abandoned the project quickly because I didn’t like knitting with the yarn. Again, though, I don’t mind crocheting with it. So in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been churning out squares for the Babette Blanket.


Those little crochet squares are perfect for summer crafting, because they lead to a sense of accomplishment and there isn’t a big, hot pile of yarn sitting in your lap. I’m so glad I found a good home for all that yarn!

9 thoughts on “Crochet Fever

  1. So inspiring! I am beyond tempted and already planning granny squares this summer. Did you back or double layer your potholders?

  2. aloha emilee! just dropping you a note to let you know one of your hotpads made to hawaii to me! i love the swirl design – did you have a pattern? when i saw some lucky recipients of your hotpad and also the design done up by divine bird, i was hoping i’d be lucky enough too! take care and thank you!

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