More crochet

My crochet fever continues, and I’ve been churning out four-row squares for Babette. 


The plan is to make a bunch of them, making sure that I use all eight colors equally, and then add to them as need be to make the six- eight- ten- and twelve-row squares.  I found it a bit overwhelming to decide every time how big a square to make and which colors to use.  Now I’m approaching it by saying “I’m making a set of eight four-row squares, with three rows of A and one row of B, and each color will be used once as A and once as B.”  That way I can do it a lot faster and make sure I’m using the colors in a balanced way.


In other crochet news, I got my package from the potholder swap about a week ago.  Starting with the white and multicolor one in the upper left, they were made by Priscilla, Nana, Nannette, Melissa, and Debbie.  They’re really cool, and I’m happy I did the swap. It’s so neat that Priscilla lives in Oklahoma, and one of my potholders apparently made it out to Hawaii!

Fiona says hi.  She’s settled in nicely.



3 thoughts on “More crochet

  1. Kitty pic!

    I love those flower-shaped “squares” — the white ones with the variegated edgings are just so happy. You really are crocheting up a storm.

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