August Update

Can you believe it’s August already?  I spent most of June and July focused on my internship at a law firm, so I didn’t do much crafting.  July ended with an offer to come back to the firm full time once I’m done with law school, which makes me VERY happy.  I don’t go back to school until the 31st so I have a full month to relax and travel and knit.  Bliss.

So, where were we?

I’ve been chipping away on Babette


I didn’t feel like working on the purple Ishbel after the frenzy of making the yellow Ishbel, but I’ve picked it up again and now I’m on the lace portion.


I’m also knitting a Dotty Cat Bed for the kitty.


Speaking of the kitty, she is very cute and says hello.


I hope you’ve all been doing well!

14 thoughts on “August Update

  1. Congrats on that offer!!! And the kitty is so adorable I might just want to petnap her. Maybe lucky for you that my boyfriend thinks that the two cats we already have are two too many?! 🙂

  2. Your kitteh looks like a grey version of my kitteh! Love 🙂 The dotty cat bed pattern is adorable; I’d be all over it except I know that the dog would just eat it or something 😛

  3. Wow Emilee – you have been busy! Congratulations on your offer, that must feel so good, both that they thought so well of you, and to have after graduation plans sorted. Good for you!!

    And your kitty is so sweet 🙂

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