Too hot for wool

After a wet and cool June and July, it is finally hot here.  Too hot for wool.


I’m just about to start the lace charts on Seraphim, so this is a good time to put it down for a little bit. I’m going on a trip with my mom and my sister, so I need to pack SOMETHING good to knit.


So I finally started Orangina. I’ve been meaning to make this top for years. I think I can finish while it’s still hot out!


9 thoughts on “Too hot for wool

  1. I’ve been swatching for Orangina, but I’m determined to finish a few WIPs before casting on. I love the color you chose for yours. Have a great vacation!

  2. I agree it is much too hot around for wool right now! Of course I’m still knitting away on a pair of socks thanks to the magic of AC 🙂

    Have a fun trip, and I love the color of your orangina!

  3. Orangina seems perfect given the humidity we’re dealing with. I’m sure you’ll finish it and enjoy it a little before the cold weather comes back.

    I love the photos of your kitty!

  4. Winter here, so wool knitting for me! I love Orangina; I have a thing for boat neck tops. And you do know that wool’s not orange don’t you?! 😉

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