Look Ma, both hands!

Huzzah!  I can knit with two colors!

Let me explain.


I finished the knitting on my Knucks, and the plan was to embroider them. But embroider them with what? So I decided to knit a matching hat, because I had plenty of extra yarn, and so the hat could inspire the theme for the embroidery.  I’m a sucker for botanical patterns, so I chose Flora. I was nervous about doing stranded knitting, because my last attempt was a year and a half ago with Blue Light Special. I’d done it before, very slowly, with some Icelandic sweaters in college. But I’ve really been meaning to get better at doing it with one color in each hand so it goes faster. Might as well give it another try!


It’s working! Huzzah! I’m finding it a LOT easier to hold the yarn in my left hand now that I know how to crochet. What stranded project should I try next?


5 thoughts on “Look Ma, both hands!

  1. I ordered a colorwork vest they were advertising on knitpicks… theirs is yellow with maroon patterning, but I bought pink and gray wool. I want to get better at Fair Isle as well, and this vest even involved steeking.

    Did I say steeking? Eeeeeep!

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