knucks 018

As a law student, I try to live frugally.   We keep our house really cold.   I’m also up late typing or studying a lot, and last winter I kept wishing for fingerless gloves to wear while typing.

knucks 020

Pattern:  Knucks, Knitty, Summer 2006
Yarn:  Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed, about half a skein of blue and less than a quarter of a skein of green.

I should have made these earlier!  They are exactly what I wanted and I can still type quite easily with them on.

knucks 021

For the embroidery, I did very simple tendril designs, so they match the Flora I’m almost done with.  I think the simple rustic design works well with the rustic yarn.

knucks 024

I’m sure I’ll get a TON of use out of these this winter!

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