Coming out of hiding

Last night I mentioned that my first trip to Rhinebeck is coming up.  As I was writing that I realized that, indeed, Rhinebeck is only two weeks away!  What should I wear?  It seems that everyone who’s anyone is making a Rhinebeck sweater (as those in the know have for years, of course).

I haven’t started (or finished) any new sweaters recently, so I was thinking hard about what I could whip up in two weeks. Then I remembered this:

DPP hibernating

It’s my Pinstripe Pullover that I put in storage back in March.


I have about two inches left of the body to do before I start the sleeves. Think I can finish it in time?

6 thoughts on “Coming out of hiding

  1. I hope so because I’m not near that far along on my Rhinebeck sweater! 🙂 I’m going to decide after this weekend if I even have a chance of finishing!

  2. You can totally do it! So exciting that you’re coming to Rhinebeck! I did not finish a sweater this year- I’m going to be wearing my Rhinebeck sweater from last year!

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