Rhinebeck – Part 1

This weekend I went up to Rhinebeck for the first time with some yarny friends from the Connecticut River SnB.

rhinebeck 052
(here you see Maura, Sharon, Allison and Karen)

We had a great time!

We drove up on Friday, and stayed at the Quality Inn in Kingston.  Some of the other folks in my SnB knew two other great knitters from CT, and we also met up with awesome folks from Taunton, MA and Upstate NY.  In the lobby that night, I worked on mittens that I desperately wanted to be able to wear this weekend.  I messed them up, so I did emergency surgery, with Doctor Allison assisting.

rhinebeck 001

There was some scarring, but the patient survived.

On Saturday, we got to the fairgrounds at about 10:30. The first part of the day was a blur of yarn and fiber and cute sheepies. I tend to get overwhelmed at fairs. We really lucked out in the weather department though. They were predicting rain and snow and sleet and utter misery, but it didn’t rain much at all on Saturday, and I was perfectly comfortable in my Lite Lopi Pullover and a Foliage in Malabrigo Bulky (Rhodesian colorway) that I knit for the occasion.

rhinebeck 013

At noon we went to the Ravelry Meetup, which was great. The star of the show was a giant knit Bob head, which is a rather amazing showing of skill and dedication.

rhinebeck 011
(apparently it was designer Ysolda Teague under there, which I didn’t know at the time.  You can also see Laura/Cosmicpluto on the right in the orange mitts.)

Aaron, one of my traveling companions, took the opportunity to re-enact his Remnants thread, “Ask Justonescarf a Question”

rhinebeck 014

In that photo, he’s wearing his THIRD scarf and his first HAT. We’ll have him knitting aran pullovers one of these days.

After the meetup, we went to check on our friend Jacie’s yarn submissions. She won a blue ribbon in the novice spinners category!

rhinebeck 022

Woo hoo! Go Jacie!

After we saw the blue ribbon, I decided to take out my mittens, and work on them as we walked.

rhinebeck 025

People stared a bit, which I thought was odd. Isn’t Rhinebeck EXACTLY the place to work on mittens as you walk? And anyway, I finished them, so it was worth it.

rhinebeck 040

Whew, I think that’s enough excitement for one post. More to come tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Rhinebeck – Part 1

  1. it was ysolda! and the yarn was northampton bulky (black and white) and comfort chunky (the pink) in case you were interested in knowing…i’m proud to say i was there when she bought it.

    i still can’t believe i didn’t see you, especially considering i saw practically everyone else i know there!

  2. I found your blog through the Foliage Hat Pattern on Ravelry. I thought I’d let you know that after my friend Joanna and I saw foliage left and right at Rhinebeck, she decided to buy yarn specifically for it. She finished on Tuesday and I have just started my own!

  3. Ooops! That above entry is from me. I was still logged in as my cousin. And if you want to find me on Ravelry, I’m ConsterMonster.

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