Rhinebeck – Part 2

We left the fairgrounds at around five on Saturday, went back to the hotel for a bit, then went to the Ravelry party. It was dark so the pictures didn’t really turn out (Winged Orange has some nice ones), but I can show you the awesome cupcakes:

rhinebeck 044

I had such a great time at the Ravelry party.  The coolest part was talking face to face with some of the knitbloggers I follow, like Peaceful Knitter, WhitknitsLindsey Rose and Space Kitty. It was sort of hard not to be a geeky fangirl and swoon in the presence of Jess and Casey and the gang. While we were at the party, Allison gave me a spinning tutorial and convinced me to get a spindle the following day.

After the party we went back and hung out at the hotel with the other knitters, and Karen gave a spinning lesson to some of the Taunton gals.

On Sunday, we had breakfast at the hotel with our Southern CT buddies Mary Jane and Daria, then went back to the fairgrounds.

rhinebeck 050

The weather was noticeably colder and wetter, and the crowds were noticeably more sparse. It wasn’t horrible though, it could have been a lot worse. I was pretty comfortable in my green winter coat, with my Foliage set and my Seraphim as a scarf. The upside was that the Sunday Ravelry meetup was a lot less crowded, so we got to talk to Jess and Casey.   I like to think I kept it together.

rhinebeck 049

So, you may be asking, is that a spindle and fiber in my hands? Yes, yes it is. Don’t judge me! I guess I’m easily peer pressured 😉 But as you can see from my coat and my Lexie Barnes bag, that green is totally my color.  My friends told me to get four to six ounces, but as the lady was unwinding that ball I saw that the inside was a different shade.  I had visions of beautiful barberpoled green handspun and I panicked.  I bought the whole thing.  Some time in the next year I hope to have a green handspun vest.

We left the fairgrounds pretty soon after that.  Hooray for a great trip to Rhinebeck, and I’m already looking forward to next year!


18 thoughts on “Rhinebeck – Part 2

  1. Is that a Lily Spindle I see in your hand? I got one too! If you are ever up in MA near Lowell, give me a holler and we can meet up at my studio and spin or knit or just play with fiber.

  2. You got better atmosphere shots than I did, for sure. The weather reports we were hearing were talking about SNOW! so I was thrilled with the Rhinebeck weather on Sunday. Your Foliage looks like it did just the trick and kept you cozy. What else are knits for, right?

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  5. Hello Emiliee
    you really did the rest to buy a Spinning Wheel, i am working around now since one year, i am making my own spindle right now but do not know what to do with it yet, i have to work myself up the ladder.
    Can’t wait to get my fingers to touch the beautiful fibers to spin.
    Have to find out what kind of wheel is good, so far i am closing in on a Schacht Ladybug, what you think?

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