Dotty Cat Bed

I finished the knitting for Dotty a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to let Fiona give the finish product a review before I posted about it.

Dottie 031

This project is kitty approved!

Pattern: Dotty Cat Bed by Kelp/Kelly Porpiglia
Yarn: Cascade 220 in purple, green, and gray

She’s a small kitty (5.2 lbs when we found her, maybe 7-8 lbs now) so I only cast on 192 stitches.

Dottie 023

It fits her perfectly!

She’s also really taken to it, which delights me. I put it next to our bed, so she’d have a nice place to sleep. She had been trying to sleep at our feet, but we would kick her accidentally so it wasn’t a good situation. This is much better, and she’s actually started going to her Dotty bed of her own accord.

Dottie 039

I think it also really helps that she can use it as a place to sit while she watches birds out the window.

I messed up on the pattern a little bit, so it’s more like squares than like dots, but Fiona doesn’t care.

Dottie 003

I think we’re both really happy with how it turned out!


19 thoughts on “Dotty Cat Bed

  1. That’s really cute! I’m afraid to knit a bed for Mookie, because she sleeps wherever she wants. The bed would go unused, and I would have used all that knitting time that could have gone to something else…

    Right now she loves a box that was left in the dining room. She’s always in it. So my son wrote “CAT” with an arrow that points to where her face always peeks over. Funny.

  2. Fiona is SUCH a gorgeous kitty! Lucky her, to have such a nice cat bed, too. We did the same thing (although not with handknit, felted cat beds), putting cat beds near our bed, because we kept kicking our boys.

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