Stitches East

I don’t have any photos of Stitches East because they didn’t allow photography. Argh! How out-of-touch with the knitting community can you get?! Is there anything we like more than pretty pictures of pretty yarn? Well, the yarn itself, I guess. But you get what I’m saying. I hear the rationale was that they didn’t want people taking secret pictures of patterns and copying them. Is that seriously such a big issue? Wouldn’t it just be easier for the pattern poachers to buy the pattern once and make copies? I’m frustrated because I saw SO MANY people wearing their gorgeous knits, and it would have made a really pretty blog post.


I did find some great stuff at Stitches.

I finally got to meet Gale Zucker of She Shoots Sheep Shots and bought a copy of her book Shear Spirit.  It’s so beautiful, I highly recommend it.  She was at the booth with one of the fiber folk the book profiles, Nan Kennedy of Seacolors.   Nan had a ton of different colors at the booth, but I was drawn to this misty grayish-pinky-purple.


Yeah, that’s a big ball of yarn. I’m not usually one to do the super trendy patterns, but I think this is destined to be a February Lady.  First of all, the pattern is popular for a reason. Second, this colorway very much reminds me of a misty February morning.

I also got a beautiful pewter shawl pin from The Elegant Ewe.


After we were done with the market, we went on a pub crawl that my friend Allison organized. We had a blast!

stitches east 003

Me and Allison in our green sweaters. Hers is a February Lady, one of about eleventy-billion I saw this weekend. Resistance is futile…

stitches east 007

Here I am in my Serrano, loving my big purple yarn-baby.  That ball of yarn is seriously the same size as my cat.

stitches east 011

Woo party!

stitches east 014

Allison and spinning superstar Jacie in her Apres Surf Hoodie.

stitches east 019

Maura, Allison, Jacie, and Kris of The Painted Sheep.  Kris lives in our neck of the woods, but doesn’t come out with us often, so this was a special treat.

We also made great new friends from New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and DC.  Here’s to an even bigger crowd next year!


13 thoughts on “Stitches East

  1. Wow. I think you have to trust people to some extent, although I understand the issue as well. Some people are respectful and ask before taking photos of designs and samples, but a lot of people don’t. I asked Tom Golding if I could photo his spindles and wheels at MDS&W, and he seemed surprised and said Of course! But another woman wasn’t permitting photos of her handwoven scarves and shawls. Hadn’t even occurred to me that people would photo and steal patterns, but anything is possible.

    As for the February Lady, I’ve knitted one, too, and I love the idea that an EZ-based pattern is considered trendy! I’m sure she never would have suspected as much. I love mine, although I lengthened the sleeves and am now considering shortening them again.

  2. Oh that pub crawl looked like fun! I considered joining you but didn’t think it’d make for a good ride home.

    Will not even touch the no photos thing. It’s crazy. Anyone truly devoted to stealing ideas used their phone cam dicreetly, bought a pattern or looked online. Hello 2009!

    Lastly, FLS in Seacolors- FABULOUS.

  3. Yeesh, no photographs at all? That is seriously out of touch! I agree with you. But on the other hand, the yarn is gorgeous and the festivities afterwards look like a blast!

  4. We are pretty cute in our green sweaters.

    Resistance is futile with FLS… it’s so easy, you’ll kick yourself for waiting so long. I want one in red now.

  5. That’s the biggest ball of yarn I’ve ever seen! Honestly, I bought a bump of Wensleydale longwool roving at iKnit that I thought was huge but that baby puts it in perspective!

  6. No Way! I bought EXACTLY that gorgeous pearly grey yarn from Nan Kenndey at Rhinebeck this year. It’s now a hat for my sweetie. My first experience with Seacolors; it will be a gorgeous Feb Lady! Do show pictures when you get working on it.

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