NaKniSweMo – Swatching

As you know, I always fail these knitblogging challenges. No matter. I’ve decided to sign up for NaKniSweMo. I can totally knit a sweater, start to finish, in a month. After all, that’s what I did for DPP and that was done on #4s. This time around will be a bit happier and easier.

I’ve chosen to do the famous-for-a-reason O W L S sweater by Kate Davies. I chose this sweater because it was EVERYWHERE at Rhinebeck, so I got to see how cute it is in person. Second, I have yarn that’s the perfect color for November, and for owls.

Around here, the oranges and scarlets of October fade to the rust and tawny brown of November.


So this Lambs Pride Worsted in my stash, in “wild oak” is the perfect color.


Look, I did a swatch and everything!

4 thoughts on “NaKniSweMo – Swatching

  1. You can do it! I eagerly await progress updates. šŸ™‚

    About that color: I love it. But I knit with it maybe five years ago and had a funny reaction to it – I got hives, I think. My hands were all itchy. That only happened with that color of Lamb’s Pride. Have you ever had that happen? May you be itch-free!

  2. oh owls is a fabulous knit – so quick and fun. love your choice of yarn (and i must get one of those nifty gauge measurers – how handy!)

  3. Ooooh, that color is perfect for autumn!

    I have given up on doing any of the themed November things (NaKniSweMo, Vestvember, etc)…just too busy with the teaching this month. Oh well! I can’t wait to see your OWLS!

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