Inga 001

Pattern: Inga Hat by Sheila MacDonald. It is true that following the pattern as written produces an awfully long hat, but I like awfully long hats.
Yarn: Cascade 220 in dark purple and light blue, a scrap of Ella Rae Classic in bright purple left over from my first crochet scarf

Inga 008

The top of this pattern is quite pointy, so I decided to celebrate the pointiness with a tassel. I think it pulls it all together.

Inga 002

This was the most complicated colorwork chart I’ve ever followed, and I was proud of myself for doing that. My issue was not with following the chart, it was maintaining even tension while holding the light blue in my left hand.

Inga pre-blocking

As you can see in this pre-blocking photo, my tension was somewhat uneven. I definitely think I’m improving though, and I am quite happy with how this turned out. I don’t think people are really going to get close enough to my head to notice the few wonky stitches.


19 thoughts on “Inga

  1. I’ve long admired that pattern but knew there were issues about the hat length and the colorwork motif is not easily shortened without looking chopped. Your tassel is the perfect solution! Great colors too.

  2. It looks great- I am trying to get better at colorwork myself, so I might have to give it a try! Have you made the Selbu Modern hat yet? That’s on my needles right now and I love it!

  3. It is hard to notice the not-so-precise stitch tension problem you mentioned. The hat looks wonderful; the color contrast is striking. How does the hat feel on your head? I typically don’t like fairisle hats because the technique sacrifices stretch.

  4. I’ve heard of knitters whose colorwork tension is so perfect they don’t really *need* to block. And I believe that one probably does exist somewhere – for the rest of us mortals blocking covers a lot of issues 😉 You did a great job & it looks terrific on you!

  5. It’s very pretty! I used to worry about tension until I read EZ’s comment about how it would all even out in the blocking. And you know what? It does. Just have fun!

  6. I just finished knitting this hat and appreciate your comments. I was thinking that it is an awfully long hat too and wondered about adding a tassel. Your hat is beautiful. Very well done!

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