You spin me right round

As you may recall, I bought a giant green ball of fiber at Rhinebeck. I’m pretty sure it was the Hand Dyed Crazy Balls wool blend from Spinners Hill (#2 if you follow the link) but I was so overwhelmed at Rhinebeck I can’t be certain.

I got the whole remaining ball of green, a full pound of it, for two reasons:
– if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing
– the colors varied pretty significantly within the ball, and I wanted all of them

When I unwound the ball, I found that it was a strip of roving about 55 feet long. As you can see, the segments on the bottom (which had been towards the core of the ball) are bluer than the stuff on top.


The first thing I did was break the giant strip in half, so I had a warmer-green rope and a cooler-green rope. Then I split each of those lengthwise into six segments of comperable (though not equal) size.


I don’t like to use flash photos, but you can really see the color difference here between the warmer-green and cooler-green.


I decided to call the warmer stuff type A and the cooler stuff type B, and labeled it and packed it up.


The plan is to spin all the A, then all the B, and ply it together (following the guidance here). It should be enough for a vest, I think.

I’ve been making progress.


I think I’ve spun up about a quarter of it so far. I’m still in the park-and-draft stage so it’s slow-ish going, but I’m finding spinning to be even more relaxing that knitting. Curses. I’ve clearly been bitten by another species of fiber bug.


17 thoughts on “You spin me right round

  1. Mmmm, those colors are so beautiful. I really have no interest in learning to spin (I might be the only one), but I adore looking at other peoples’ photos! 🙂

  2. Your singles look really beautiful on the spindle. I’ll be excited to see this project develop (but please try not to inspire me to take up spinning during my first year of law school!)

  3. Hiya! You commented on my blog. I checked out yours. Love the new spinning! It is terribly addictive. It is supposed to be great stress relief (said from the woman who was made to take a “time out” during the spin class at SAFF to “relax”)!
    You are in law school? Cool beans. Tell your friend Lara up there that you should spin & knit all you can during law school and beyond. I knit my way through bar review to keep from snoozing!
    And I suggest you snag more Spinner’s Hill roving. It is the bomb.

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