NaKniSweMo – Finished!

Hooray! I completed a sweater in the month of November!

owls 025

Pattern: O W L S by Kate Davies
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, 6 skeins
Buttons: An assortment from Colchester Mill Fabrics
Dates: November 2, 2009-November 29, 2009

owls 021

I am very, very pleased with how this turned out. I love everything about it. The color is perfect for owls. The buttons sort of glow in the light, which reminds me of what animal eyes actually look like. I am especially pleased with how the short rows shaped the neck. You can see below how much higher the back is than the front.

owls 016

I think this is the closest I’ve ever come to replicating the type of crewneck that you would actually see on a store-bought sweater.

Modifications: Since the pattern is written for bulky yarn and I used worsted, all of the math had to be re-done. ย This was a good thing though, since it allowed me to make sure that everything was symmetrical. I also did less-extreme waist shaping and moved it to the sides, since I don’t particularly like calling attention to my waist area.

owls 031

Hooray! ย I love it!

34 thoughts on “NaKniSweMo – Finished!

  1. Your sweater is fabulous! I’m also working on an owls in worsted weight; I can only hope mine turns out half as well as yours did!

  2. I had to call my DH to my computer to see the completed owls, since we had both watched them “grow up”.

    Congratulations on a great knit! We both liked your finished sweater.

  3. It’s fabulous! it’s so cozy looking and the colorful eyes really add interest!
    What a great neckline too! that’s what bugs me about a lot of my handknits…when you can’t tell which is the back or the front.

  4. As evidenced by the not being able to keep up lately comment – I missed this awesome sweater (and that you are spinning – YAY!!!) – Great mods on this and I love the colored eyes!

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