In case you missed it – November 2009

Over the last week or so, my husband and I have watched the whole first season of Deadwood on DVD (from Netflix). It is a totally awesome and badass show.  Knitting a baby blanket while watching filthy mountain men kill each other and drop eff-bombs is pretty incongruous, but nonetheless delightful.

op art 001

I’ve made some good progress on Op Art, and it’s at the unphotogenic blob stage.  Since Op Art isn’t much to look at these days, I’ll take a moment to share some of my favorite posts and projects from November in blogland:

Now, with more VIKINGS!

Good sport husband award

Best idea for those couple random skeins of Noro we all have kicking around

Most intriguing mix of lace and beads

Best recycling

Coziest house

Most beautiful photos

Most colorful crochet (I should get cracking on my Babette again, shouldn’t I?)

Most colorful knitting


I hope everyone’s December is off to a good start!


8 thoughts on “In case you missed it – November 2009

  1. Oooh, great links! I love the cozy home and the beautiful garter yoke cardigan. And that Babette is amazing – you should definitely press on!

  2. I love the idea of you watching Deadwood and knitting a baby blanket! I have a Babette I’ve started too… you’ve made me want to drag it out again!
    Can’t wait to see you finished Op Art

  3. Hey Emilee thanks for the shout-out. I am especially grateful that you said “coziest” instead of “clutteriest” or “most in need of a good tidy”.

    Glad to see your roundup back in motion, I always enjoy it and always find a blog that is new to me.

    Finally, don’t you F’in love Deadwood? We watched it obsessively, all three seasons, early in the summer. F’n Al Swearingen. Our language has never been worse.

  4. I so love these wrapups (especially since I can’t seem to keep up with blog reading any more! Twitter is making me lazy!) OMG, the vikings.

    That blanket is so great (love the color combo!)

  5. Oh, Deadwood! I love, love, love that show. Here’s a fun fact that I think I’m remembering accurately: did you know that the writers wrote the whole show in some sort of meter, like iambic pentameter, but not as obvious? Maybe iambic.. some-other-meter. Anyway. Flipping fantastic show.

    When you finish Deadwood, try Carnivale! I found it a good way to come down. 🙂

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