Op Art

I knit a baby blanket in two weeks!

Op Art 009

Pattern: Op Art, Knitty Fall 2008
Yarn: Queensland Collection, Bebe Cotsoy, in colors I call raspberry and lime, 5 skeins each
Size: 40 in square
Dates: November 26, 2009 to December 10, 2009

Op Art 015

I made it for my friend Kate’s baby Elsie Rose who was born two weeks ago Saturday.  I hope she likes it!  I think she will.  The Bebe Cotsoy is incredibly soft, and I think the garter ridges will provide a pleasing texture for her to run her little fingers over.

I’m pleased with the way the wrong side looks too.  I don’t think the difference is all that noticeable, especially to a non-knitter.

Op Art 023

I finished the blanket with a four-stitch i-cord bind off to stabilize the corners and I think it makes a very neat finish. It took forever, of course, but it was worth it.

Op Art 020

Speaking of taking forever, my one complaint about this pattern is that it gets tedious at the end. The last few rounds were like 700 stitches each. But still, totally worth it.

Op Art 024

Tomorrow it will go in the mail with some of my favorite books from childhood. I hope she likes it!


22 thoughts on “Op Art

  1. I love the colors you chose! And what an awesome selection of books. As a school librarian, I totally approve of books as baby gifts. : )

  2. That’s amazing work – you didn’t just knit a baby blanket in 2 weeks, you knit a *garter stitch* baby blanket in 2 weeks (garter stitch always seems like 2x as much knitting as stockinette). It’s beautiful! The baby will love it. (Love your taste in books, too!)

  3. Hey this pattern is GREAT! Do you know if this can be done by using a crochet pattern? I’d love to make it but I don’t knit, just crochet! Someone pls help! Thanks!

  4. Emilee,
    Can I ask you a question about this pattern? I love it so much, but the link to the pattern shows a few pictures. It looks like in these pictures that the blanket doesn’t lay flat and pinches a little at the corners. In your pictures however it looks like it lays completely flat. Did you notice this at all?

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