Aside from the little pirate hat snafu, gift knitting is going pretty well around here.

I’m working on a multi-colored Celestine for the toddler boy of some friends of ours.


I’m also working on the Daybreak Shawl in purple and red Malabrigo Sock, for my mom.


The red is the same color I used for my Seraphim shawl. I worked on Seraphim in front of my mom a few times, and she always complimented the color. My mom loves the color red, and I always associate it with her. I considered giving Seraphim to her, but she’s not a lace shawl kind of gal. But i knew that the extra skien of Tiziano Red had to be for her. It feels strange to work in this color and not have it be for her. It feels sort of strange for anything in this color to be mine and not hers.

My favorite colors are blue and green, and while I use those colors often enough, I use other colors for myself too. For my mom and my sister, however, everything I ever make for them follows a pretty well-defined pallette.

Here is a sampling of what I’ve made my mom over the years:


(Clockwise from top left: Diagonal Cross-rib Socks (2008), Mr Greenjeans (2008), Calorimetry (2006), Red Light Special (2008))

All exactly the same color.  Is that bad?

And look at the things I’ve made for my sister:

exchequered 020072
Caroline scarfCaroline Sweater

(Clockwise from top left: Exchequered (2009), Everlasting Bagstopper (in progress), Calorimetry (2006), Lopi Sweater (2004), garter stitch scarf (2002), Elijah (2007))

As you can see, all pink, magenta and orange.

Am I alone in this?  Is there anyone in your life who gets the same color stuff every single time?


11 thoughts on “Colors

  1. well, my boyfriend gets a lot of the same colors but that’s b/c he only likes very plain things. so it’s navy blue or brown or maybe an olive green. it gets a bit boring but what can you do when that’s what he likes?

  2. DH chose the yarn for his Christmas sweater in 2008 – maroon. He chose the yarn for his Christmas scarf in 2009 – maroon. Do ya see a trend here, folks? 🙂

  3. I think I do give the same colors to my family too! I’ve wondering if they want other colors, or if they like having a theme, but haven’t gotten around to asking yet… Maybe for next year.

  4. Look at all that happy colorful knitting!

    I’ve wanted to knit Celestine ever since I saw it a while ago… maybe that’s a use for my leftover sock yarn.

  5. Love that hat! I can’t say I have had a long enough knitting career to have a pattern of colours for different people, but I’m sure it’s true!

  6. I’m pretty set in the colors I use for myself (although I’m trying to broaden the horizon a bit), but am even more set in the colors I knit for my mom…she’s gotten nothing but green things from me! She just looks so good in green that I can’t help it.

  7. Yes! My SIL always gets purples and blues. Her last gift was natural only because I didn’t have time to dye it! My husband gets a lot of reds and rust colored things, and my BFF, Jessie, gets only green. She really loves green.

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