Photo Calendar


The final “handmade” gift is a photo calendar that I made for my dad. It took just as much time and much more advance planning than a knitting project, so I decided to include it.

I got my nice camera over the winter, and decided to take some snowy pictures of the lake we go to as a family. From there, the project evolved into capturing all the seasons and making a photo calendar. While we all love the lake, my dad goes there especially often so I knew he would appreciate the calendar.

I used Shutterfly which gives some nice options for arranging the photos. Here are some of the months that I am most proud of:





And here is my favorite single photo:


I suppose a calendar FO post is a fitting way to transition into the year-end wrap up!

6 thoughts on “Photo Calendar

  1. Very nice! I love Shutterfly calendars; the heavyweight card stock is so luxe. And I like the plain white backgrounds best, too. Your calendar is beautiful. I haven’t made ours yet…soon!

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