And we’re off!

Here is my empty spindle at the beginning of the opening ceremonies:


And this is where I was right after Gretzky lit the second cauldron:


I split the roving into four (not necessarily equal) portions, and I’ve already gone through one of them.


Since the roving itself is mottled, the singles are barberpoled, which is kind of neat.


A more skilled spinner would get sock yarn out of this, but I think it’ll be between sport and DK once it’s plied. That’s fine. Since I’m making decent progress I’m thinking of converting this to the “long track” event, which would require knitting the finished yarn before the torch goes out. We’ll see. I’ll try not to get too far ahead of myself.


5 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. I really like barberpoled yarns because you get happy colors in your singles, and then they look even happier when you ply. It’s great fun. And with variegates that aren’t just variations on a single color, I like thicker yarns. That way, you can really see the colors. Sock yarn is pretty, but there isn’t much “room” on a single to showcase the variations.

  2. Great progress! My sweater is moving along. I’m taking a break to catch up on blogs though! Have any idea what your knitted project would be?

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