spinning 032

Look! I made yarn!

(3.5 oz of superwash merino top in “twilight” by cloudlover 69)

Here’s the obligatory coin-for-scale shot:

spinning 015

It ranges in weight from sport to heavy worsted, but on average it’s about DK.

spinning 036

I’m embarassingly proud of my yarn. Before this, I didn’t really get spinning. It’s not so much that I didn’t understand HOW to spin (my SnB is full of expert spinners and patient teachers) but WHY you would bother. Now I get it. You win, Jenny, Jacie, Karen, Allison, Lillian, Sharon, Aaron, Melissa and anyone else who told me that the CT River SnB would turn me into a spinner. It did.

So what kind of wheel should I get? 😉


17 thoughts on “Yarn!

  1. Yummm! If you can afford it, get a double treadle. It’s worth it 🙂 I have an Ashford Joy which folds up and is quite small. I love it because I can spin quite fine yarn as well as pretty chunky stuff on it, too. It’s a nice in-betweeny type of wheel. If you’ve got a guild nearby, maybe they’ll let you try out a few different kinds to see what suits you 🙂 Keep up the great spinning!

  2. Your yarn is lovely. 🙂

    I have a Fricke ST160 (single treadle)- very affordable at just shy of $300. My next wheel is going to be some sort of folding double treadle- probably a Lendrum or a Kromski. I’m planning to try as many out as I can before I decide. That’s my advice, really- try a bunch of wheels out and see what feels best to you.

  3. Pretty! and try as many wheels as possible before you choose. (If you’re going to SPA that’s the ideal place to try ’em out) Lendrum is my current favorite though I started on an Ashford Traditional which I also quite liked. I like the flexibility of these wheels, the fact that I can do many different weights on them.

  4. You should be proud…you did a really fantastic job!

    And it’s almost impossible to be a long-term member of our SnB and not pick up spinning at some point 🙂

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of spinning.

    Go double treadle for sure. Other than that try out as many different wheels as you can, perhaps even renting or borrowing for a week or so, and see what works for you. I love Majacraft wheels myself, but a lot of that has to do with the giant skeins those huge bobbins produce.

  6. gorgeous! come to webs and talk wheels with me, we have a few floor models and if you give me warning i’ll bring in my lendrum for you to try, since we never have them in stock.

    also if you’re still in school when you buy it you get 10% off…you’re still in school, right?

  7. So pretty! I keep eyeing that twilight colorway everytime I see it in cloudlover’s shop. She has such pretty fibers!
    Ditto to what everyone else said… try as many wheels as you can until you find the wheel that feels most comfortable for you. 🙂

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