WIP Wednesday – Handspun Stripes


Look! I’m knitting with my handspun!

Since I finished the yarn so quickly, I decided to upgrade to the long track event and finish a project with the yarn before the flame goes out. I can totally make it.


It’s a shallow triangular shawl, alternating the handspun with charcoal Cascade 220. I didn’t think I had quite enough of the handspun to make something as substantial as I would want, and I think the Cascade 220 presents a good solution.

At this point if I bound off I would have a respectable something, so I can totally do this. I just have to decide two things:

1) How to end it. Should I end with a straight black edge? A crocheted handspun edge? I have a few different ideas.

2) What should I call it? I’ll write up the “pattern” such as it is on the blog when I’m done, it’s super simple. The idea is to let 150 yards of handspun in a wonky DKish weight really shine. All the names I can think of are way corny.

Thanks for all your tips on spinning wheels. It really helped me focus my thinking!


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Handspun Stripes

  1. Looks fantastic! Great idea to pair it with the Cascade; really makes the handspun pop.

    My suggestion would be three rows of garter in the charcoal, followed by the bind off. I think it gives a really nice finished edge. But I’m sure whatever you choose will be beautiful 🙂

  2. yay for knitting with handspun! Isn’t it nice? for the shawl, maybe just keep going until you run out of handspun, then do a simple border of cascade, like the garter stitch jacie suggested.. then you get the most out of the handspun.

    I forgot to leave a specific wheel recommendation on your last post, so here goes: I have the Schacht Matchless, which I love. I tried out Louet and Kromski wheels, and of those, I liked Louet, because it felt more responsive. I am really glad I got the matchless because its smooth and very adjustable.. whorls switch out for different yarn options. happy wheel shopping!

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