We had a gorgeous weekend here. The plants in my garden loved it. Even though the sky is gray today, there is finally some green outside.

spring 029spring 014
spring 004spring 030

All the spring green coming up around me has made me want to spin the green fiber I got at Rhinebeck.

green stuff 017

There was about 16 oz total and I have about 3 oz of singles left to spin. I needed to ply some of it to free up some bobbins, and I love the way it is coming out.

green stuff 001

It is very squishy and varies between DK and bulky. The coloring is working out how I wanted it to, with one strand a fairly consistent olive and the other much more variable. It’s still obvious that I’m a novice from how uneven it is, but I haven’t set the twist yet so hopefully it will get a bit better.

I think I can have this yarn ready to cast on within a week, and I would love to make a springy cover-up in this green. So what should I make with it? I was thinking Shalom, but I’d love other ideas. I estimate I’ll have about 450 yards when all is said and done, so a vest or similar is probably the way to go.

6 thoughts on “Springy

  1. GORGEOUS!!! I love the idea of making Shalom, too 🙂

    And I maintain – you’re an AWESOME spinner. I need to blog some of my (err…make that “my only”) spinning so you can see how much better you are.*

    *that’s in a “boost your self-esteem” way, not a “Kate’s making this into a competition” way.

  2. Wonderful photos! Your spinning looks great and it seems to go quickly. Can’t wait till I get my own wheel.

    Sorry, I’ve no other suggestion. I too like Shalom.

  3. Congrats on getting a wheel! The spinning is looking great.

    I hadn’t seen the Shalom pattern before, and downloaded it right away. Hoping to find something in my stash so that I can cast on soon. What a perfect spring sweater.

  4. We had a great weekend here in southeastern TN too… and now it’s cold again. Bah.

    I do love the color of your spinning! But I will honestly say- I think you’re going to have more than 450yds, Emilee. What draw style are you using? It looks pretty lofty, not ropelike… and you have to be spinning it supercompacted to only get 450yds out of 16oz of fiber. I’d wait til I had it all done, set the twist, let it dry, then recount your yardage and decide what to do with it. I really think you’ll have more yardage than you think you will.

    As for a pattern- I love the Abelone cardigan soooo much. I’ve got some merino/tencel I’m going to spin up and use for it!

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