Green Stuff

I finished spinning that huge ball of green fiber that I got at Rhinebeck.

green yarn 011

It’s a bit… rustic… but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

green yarn 017

This is the first yarn I ever started, and I spun about 40% of the singles on my spindle.


I switched to my wheel a couple of weeks ago, and it went SO much faster. I haven’t mastered the coordination and timing required to balance the spinning of the spindle with the pauses to wind on. I love that the wheel deals with that for me.

The plying was a little painful, and I have not yet mastered the art of efficiently packing a bobbin. So I got 6 skeins, each of which weighs 2oz and change. The two-ply here amounts to about 475 yards of bulky-ish.

green yarn 010

I also have about 1.5 oz of singles left, all on one bobbin. I haven’t decided what to do about them. Maybe I’ll use them to practice Navajo plying on the wheel.

Pretty much as soon as the yarn was dry I cast on for Shalom.

green yarn 057

At Rhinebeck 2009 I vowed that I would return with a green vest. “Go big or go home” and all that. I would say that a green sleeveless cardi is close enough.


5 thoughts on “Green Stuff

  1. Looks so squishy!

    You could also Andean ply the remaining singles. Then, you’d get a two-ply in the same gauge as the rest of the yarn πŸ™‚

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