Babette Inventory

I ended up missing the deadline for the current installment of the potholder swap (I’ll finish the potholders and show you eventually) but it did whet my appetite for more crochet. So for WIP Wednesday I’ll revisit a crochet project. What ever happened to Babette?


I haven’t touched Babette since August. I did a fair amount of crochet last summer, so crochet definitely feels like a summer activity to me. I guess it’s getting to be that time of year again!

When I was working on Babette last summer I put I lot of thought into making sure all of the colors were being used evenly, but I didn’t think at all about gauge, how many squares I had or how many squares I would need. So I decided to do a little inventory.

I have:

babette 001
– one six-row square, one eight-row square, and one twelve-row square

babette 002

babette 003

babette 004
– 24 four-row squares and three three-row squares.

I was surprised to notice that despite using Berocco Comfort  my gauge is just a bit bigger than called for.  OK, I can keep banging out four-row squares for quite awhile before I need to count again.  Good to know.


4 thoughts on “Babette Inventory

  1. Hmmm….. whilst I think you’re Babette and it’s colours looks lovely, you have just reminded me of the Babette squares sitting in a drawer (where they have been for at least a year). ‘Spose I better get back to that at some stage!

  2. I think Babette is lovely. I’m trying to decide if I’d like to make one, or if trying to make one would result in head impacting desk.

  3. I don’t do all that much crochet, but Babette is a project that has definitely tempted me. The colors you’ve selected are lovely–it should be very pretty put together.

  4. Lovely colour choice! I really would like attempting at crocheting a babette as well, but I find the whole process quite intimidating 🙂 Good luck with completing yours!

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