Sophie Smith

hedgehog 001

My sister recently acquired a pet hedgehog named Sophie. So obviously, I had to make Ysolda’s Smith for her.

Coincidentally, Sophia Smith founded our alma mater.

hedgehog 003

The brown is leftover Lamb’s Pride Worsted from my Owls sweater, and the gray is Cascade 220. I would say I used about 1/4 to 1/3 of a skein of each, but I neglected to actually measure.

As with all knitted toys, it was a bit fiddly to make. I really have to hand it to Ysolda though, it was about as painless it could possibly be.   I’ve made Otto and Elijah as well, and Smith is definitely the easiest.  The spikes are knit on as you go, so the fiddly bits are distributed evenly through the project, and the actual finishing is very easy.

hedgehog 013

Another advantage to the construction method is that the spikes are very securely attached to the body.

hedgehog 012

I continue to be amazed at how much of a difference a tiny bit of embroidery makes.  In two minutes you go from basically a knit football with garter-stitch spikes to a cute little critter with personality.

hedgehog 015

Caroline seemed to love it and I made it over three sessions in one 24-hour period.   Success!


10 thoughts on “Sophie Smith

  1. very cute! i’m not a big fan of toys myself. it just seems like too much work for not enough reward. maybe that’s because i’m not around kids very much though–who knows.

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