WIP Wednesday – (too many?) Colors

Today’s WIP Wednesday is all about colors. Bright colors. Maybe too many bright colors.

The first thing to show you is my newest long-haul project, Featherweight Cardigan in Creatively Dyed Waterfall that I got at Rhinebeck.


The yarn is tiny and it’s going to take a million years. Fortunately I’ll be studying for the bar this summer and will crave some zombie knitting.

On Saturday I went to Webs with the gals. It was delightful as always, and I ran into Gudrun Johnson/The Shetland Trader and Melissa/Knitting School Dropout, neither of whom I’d met in person before.

I went to Webs on a mission: get more colors for Babette. You know me by now, does this look like my color scheme?


Of course not. There’s no green!


Ahh, much better.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – (too many?) Colors

  1. OMG if I lived ANYWHERE near WEBS I would just have no money. Ever. It’s just as well I live in the UK, where good yarn is scarce and you have to sell your firstborn to get it ;D

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