Color Options

So, as I mentioned, my sister recently earned her Master’s. I’m making her a graduation present (or maybe housewarming, if I take long enough that she’s moved by then…)

I decided to crochet Hexagon How-to. Caroline likes funky retro.

I’m struggling to decide on the color scheme. I feel like I have four main options.

Option A – Solid background color, circles in the same color family. See rettgrayson’s blog (or ravelry).

Hex A

Option B – Solid background color, circles of many different colors. See Annerosemary’s on ravelry.

Hex B

Option C – many colors, different colors for each segment. See Knitting Nonni’s blog.

Hex C

Option D – many colors, but the center circles all match. The original pattern photos show this color scheme, and a lot of people seem to have chosen it.

Hex D

(Yes, I used PowerPoint to make knitting diagrams. No, I’m not ashamed.)

I started out thinking I would do Option C. Hey, Caroline likes bright colors.

hex 010

But wow, those colors are bright. Maybe not in a good way. I’m leaning towards Option A now, with the dark purple you see above as the background color, and circles in shades of pink, yellow, tan, and orange.

hex 003

So, what do you think?