Color Options

So, as I mentioned, my sister recently earned her Master’s. I’m making her a graduation present (or maybe housewarming, if I take long enough that she’s moved by then…)

I decided to crochet Hexagon How-to. Caroline likes funky retro.

I’m struggling to decide on the color scheme. I feel like I have four main options.

Option A – Solid background color, circles in the same color family. See rettgrayson’s blog (or ravelry).

Hex A

Option B – Solid background color, circles of many different colors. See Annerosemary’s on ravelry.

Hex B

Option C – many colors, different colors for each segment. See Knitting Nonni’s blog.

Hex C

Option D – many colors, but the center circles all match. The original pattern photos show this color scheme, and a lot of people seem to have chosen it.

Hex D

(Yes, I used PowerPoint to make knitting diagrams. No, I’m not ashamed.)

I started out thinking I would do Option C. Hey, Caroline likes bright colors.

hex 010

But wow, those colors are bright. Maybe not in a good way. I’m leaning towards Option A now, with the dark purple you see above as the background color, and circles in shades of pink, yellow, tan, and orange.

hex 003

So, what do you think?


19 thoughts on “Color Options

  1. I like A. The single color background gives it a totally different look and really highlights the circles. And I like the more coordinated circles instead of the scrappy look!

    What’s wrong with using powerpoint? I planned my garden that way.

  2. I like A. I like B, too, but random colours comes across as maybe a little too stash-busty for a gift. A has a nice unified theme and look, which makes it look a little more thought out (Although I’d just like to point out that I’m not suggesting that any of these would *actually* be lacking in thought, since you’ve clearly put quite a bit of thought into the whole thing). It gives you the option of using quite a few nice vibrant colours, but it still ties itself together, and stands of chance of fitting in with any established colour scheme she may have going on (or could form the basis for one).

  3. I like the purple for the background choice, definitely. I think A or B would be the best choice. Congrats to you and your sister; what a major accomplishment!

  4. I like B. The solid tones it down, but it’s still very funky.

    Also I love you and all your nerdiness. Will you be venturing out for a day before I move?

  5. I like Option B the best, followed by A. I suspect that B might be less “funky retro” and more “psychedelic”, though.

    PS: Congrats to you and your sister!

  6. aah did you see my failed-gift hexagon blanket? i’d expect her to be moved in already if you’re anything like me, haha.

    i went with all the same color scheme (which, probably because it is super boring, doesn’t seem to be an option in your list!): solid brown for the hexagons, and light-to-dark blues for the centers. i was planning on doing a border and half-hexagons around the sides in oranges and yellows, but i haven’t gotten to that point yet.

    also, congratulations to both of you!

  7. I like option C! And, as the recipient of the blanket I can say proudly: the crazier the better. More colors!

  8. I was going to suggests C, mainly because of the tricks it plays on the eyes. the hex’s seem to move back and forth for the background to the foreground.

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